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Cybersecurity Requirements for Evolving Industry Regulations

Organizations today have to contend with ever-evolving industry regulations governing cybersecurity requirements. These regulations encompass everything from incident reporting to system security, making navigating an already complex cybersecurity landscape even more difficult. However, it is possible to address changing regulations while having a cybersecurity infrastructure that is as secure as it is compliant.

Changes in Compliance Regulations

As new technologies gain ground and the scale and impact of cyberattacks increase, regional and federal government regulations must evolve. For example, the FTC Safeguards Rule requires cybersecurity requirements for non-banking financial institutions like having information security programs with safeguards to ensure customer privacy. While the Safeguards Rule is new to the regulatory landscape, an additional amendment was announced in October 2023, which requires the institutions to report when data breaches impact at least 500 people.

The Safeguards Rule is just one example of regulatory cybersecurity requirements changing to address the evolving threat landscape. There is also the PCI DSS 4.0. It is being used to evolve the PCI DSS standard to address the changing needs of the payment card industry and the integration of new technologies. This latest version, released on March 31, 2022, mandates stronger cybersecurity requirements by making compliance a continuous process.

Stay Ahead by Being Defensible

How can you position your organization better to navigate the different cybersecurity requirements from various jurisdictions and pivot quickly when they change? Become defensible by establishing comprehensive cybersecurity measures. Here are some steps your organization can take now:

Conduct a Gap Assessment

This is an efficient process for identifying and analyzing the vulnerabilities and strengths of

your organization’s cybersecurity posture. The results of a gap assessment will reveal whether your cybersecurity infrastructure is addressing the cyber risks your organization is facing and if you are in compliance with regulations.

Apply Stronger Cybersecurity Measures

Use a range of security solutions, each of which will do its part in providing security and defense. Endpoint Security, Firewalls, Inbox Detection and Response, and Backups just to name a few should be used to ensure you have a defense in depth approach to cybersecurity and to further mitigate your risk from your infrastructure being exploited.

Routinely Reevaluate Your Cybersecurity Program

Without the routine review and updating of your cybersecurity program, your organization will be at risk as cyber threats evolve and become much more sophisticated. As this happens, you may not have the right cybersecurity requirements in place to be defensible. Plus, you may be out of compliance if industry regulations are updated to address the evolving threats. Routinely evaluating your cybersecurity program can help ensure your cybersecurity is up to date and that you are defensible.

Test Your Infrastructure Regularly

Testing your cybersecurity infrastructure is how you measure its efficacy, and it should be an ongoing process. You can use tools like penetration scanning to understand the vulnerabilities in your environment and then take steps to ensure that all the proper security controls are applied.

Implement Security Awareness Training

Even with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions in place, the human factor remains a vulnerability. To protect your organization from threats and to be in compliance with many industry regulations, employer need to implement Security Awareness Training. For organizations to realize the full benefit of training, it should be a continuous program where employees are constantly being educated and tested on the tactics cyber attackers use.

TPx Can Help You Become Defensible

Compliance has become a critical aspect of cybersecurity programs. TPx offers security services and solutions to help you defend against cyberattacks and new cybersecurity requirements. Get in touch with our sales representatives to learn more about how we can help ensure you are defensible.

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