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No Sweat: How Managed Services Can Give You a Break

In-house IT support can be a stress for any business. If IT problems take focus off your core business, a partnership with managed services provider can be a huge help. Companies of all sizes and verticals hire Managed Services Providers to augment their IT department. Check out some of the ways that managed services can give you a break.

Customize Service for Your Business

Depending on your partner, you can have access to several managed IT support services. At TPx, these services include:

Best of all, managed IT services can be customized to fit your needs. You can cherry-pick what works for you and even design a support solution that is unique for your business.

Rest Easy With Round-the-Clock Support

Downtime and cybersecurity attacks can happen any time of day. What would you do if your system went down outside of your regular business hours? Would you have to scramble to get yourself or your IT staff on-premise? Or would you just walk into your office the next business day unaware of these issues?

When you have a managed service provider at your side, you don’t have to lose sleep over answering any of these questions. Not only do you have an experienced staff of IT experts that monitor your critical systems 24/7/365, but they also respond to these issues on your behalf.

Remove the Stress of Hiring IT Staff

When you are planning your IT support, it can be a costly, time-consuming endeavor. 70% of cybersecurity professionals claim that their organization is impacted by the cybersecurity skills shortage. That makes recruiting cybersecurity talent a tough endeavor. While working on your IT budget, figuring out how to allocate funds for salaries, hardware, software, and unexpected scenarios can pile up into a giant stress ball. You can remove this stress by working with a managed services partner. With all of their industry knowledge, they hire only the best of the best to support their clients. This means that you have the IT experts you need at your fingertips — and you don’t even have to do all the work of hiring them!

Simplify Your IT Budget

In many cases, managed support providers offer subscription services with a flat monthly rate that covers all of the services you need. With simplified pricing, managed IT services also makes it easy for you to maintain your budget as you drive down your overall IT support costs.

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