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Should Small Businesses Manage Cybersecurity In-house or Outsource?

Should Small Businesses Manage Cybersecurity In-house or Outsource

For most SMBs, managing cybersecurity in-house is a non-starter from the get-go. Cybersecurity can be a complex and expensive headache for companies and especially small businesses. Find out how to make it easier on yourself by weighing out the options below.

Managing Cybersecurity In-house Obstacles

Lack of Talent

The IT skills gap is a well-known challenge for businesses of all sizes, but especially SMBs that often lack the resources to compete for scarce talent who can command top dollar. The gap is even more pronounced in the hyper-specialized and high-value subset of cybersecurity.

Lack of Bandwidth

In today’s interconnected world of integrated apps, devices and other technologies, IT departments are stretched wafer-thin. Many simply don’t have the bandwidth to tackle cybersecurity effectively.

Lack of Awareness

As we discussed earlier, many SMB owners and managers fail to understand the risks they face, finding out all too often that they are prime cybercrime targets for this very reason.

Outsourcing Cybersecurity Benefits

Outsourcing addresses all of obstacles mentioned above and delivers other benefits, which include:

Instant Access to Expertise

Outsourcing to a managed service provider (MSP) delivers instant access to teams of trained personnel that are experts in protecting your business from cybercrime.

Reduce Overhead

You won’t need to hire, retain or train cybersecurity specialists in-house since the MSP takes care of that expense for you.

Affordable, Predictable and Scalable Plans

Outsourcing your cybersecurity can be significantly less expensive than developing and deploying cybersecurity resources (i.e., technology and talent) internally. Moreover, MSP solutions are instantly scalable and offer predictable pricing, giving you control over your IT spending.

Focus on Your Business

Cybersecurity is a complex undertaking and an entire business unto itself. By outsourcing it, you can focus on managing and growing your core business.

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