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Call Console in the Receptionist Client

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The Call Console area of the Receptionist client lists your current calls and allows you to perform actions on them.

Receptionist - Call Console

For each call, the name and the phone number of the remote party (if available), the call state, the duration of the call, and (for held calls) the time the call has been on hold are displayed. For a recalled call, information about the user against whom the call had been parked also appears.

Controls in the Call Console include:

Control What can you do with this?
receptionist-button-auto-answer Auto Answer Answer your calls automatically.
 Call Waitingreceptionist-button-call-waiting Enable the Call Waiting service.
 Call Historyreceptionist-button-call-history Access a list of your previous calls.

The Call Console also includes the following work areas:

Work area What can you do here?
Dialer Type a number in the Enter Number box to place a call. Click Redial to redial up to 10 recently-dialed numbers.
Conference panel View and take action on a current conference call. Click HOLD to place the call on hold, ANS to resume a held call, LEAVE to leave the conference without disconnecting the other participants, or END to leave the conference and disconnect the other participants.


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