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Introduction to Meet-Me Conferencing

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Meet-Me Conferencing empowers you to connect anyone, anytime with dedicated conference bridges. On-net participants with HD-capable devices will hear your calls in high definition audio. If you’re a UCx customer, every user in your enterprise has their own Meet-Me Conferencing bridge.

There are two types of Meet-Me Conferences:

Scheduled Conference

A moderator schedules this conference in advance. A unique conference ID is created for this conference, and it is valid during the configured time periods. This type of conference is most appropriate for large conferences, webinars, and recurring meetings.

Reservationless Conference

A moderator creates this conference without specifying a start time or an end time. A unique conference ID is assigned to this conference, and it can be used to start a conference at any time. This type of conference is most appropriate for unscheduled or informal meetings.

Meet-Me Conferencing Quick User Guide

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