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Placing a Call in Mobile Identity

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Here’s how to start a new call in the Mobile Identity app:

  1. Tap the Phone (in iPhone) or Call (in Android) tab in the menu bar, if it’s not already selected.
  2. If you have not selected a standard option, select a Calling Option from the menu directly beneath the dial pad.
  3. Use the dial pad to enter the phone number or extension (dial 2222 if in your SmartVoice Enterprise Directory).
  4. Tap icon: phone (in iPhone) or the Call button (in Android).
  5. Your call will be placed. If your phone rings, select Answer; your call will connect with your business phone number.

In Settings, you can select your preferred default option for outgoing calls and change it at any time. Note that if you select Use System Default Dialer or iPhone and not the Mobile Identity Call Through or Call Back options, your personal mobile phone number will be used and NOT your business identity.

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