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Silver Peak Managed Service Router (MSR)

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Self Installation Guide

Before you begin

Please make sure you have available power outlets for the Managed Services Router (MSR), the TPx Managed Switch (unless you are using your own switch) at or very close to the location where each device will be used. You will also need to make sure you have several available Cat 5e (or better) Ethernet cables for connecting your various devices.

Remove the MSR (labeled with “SilverPeak”) from its box.

  1. Connect the MSR to AC power, using the included power supply. Toggle on power switch. Wait for the MSR to complete its booting.
  2. Connect the wan0 port on the MSR to your Broadband Modem using an Ethernet cable.
  3. If you are using a TPx provided switch, move to “Installing the TPx Switch”.
  4. If you are using your own switch, connect your LAN switch to the lan1 port on the MSR.
  5. Your LAN should now have access to your WAN (Broadband) circuit.


Step 1: Connect power cord and toggle power switch to on

Step 2: Connect to the internet

Step 3: Connect local devices

Installing the TPx Switch

If you are using a switch you already own for your Local Area Network, you may skip this section. If you are using a Managed Switch from TPx , you will need to install it, using the following installation steps:

  1. Remove the Managed Switch from its box (labeled with “Cisco Catalyst or Juniper”).
  2. Connect Uplink Port 1 on the Managed Switch to the lan1 port on the MSR.
  3. Connect the Managed Switch to AC power, using the included power supply.
  4. Connect each of your LAN’s Ethernet cables to an open LAN port on the Managed Switch.
  5. Your switch is now providing access to your WAN (Broadband) circuit.

Using MSx WAN with UCx Phones


My PC won’t connect to the internet when directly connected to the Managed Services Router.
This situation is most common when your PC is already connected to a WiFi network. Please make sure to disconnect from all WiFi networks and temporarily disable your WiFi adapter before connecting your PC to the MSR

I’m running VLANs on my network. Can I still connect my computer through my phone?
Yes, though TPx may need to update the VLAN setting for each phone in order for your phones to fully function. Please make sure to tell your Hosted Design Manager of any and all VLANs on your LAN.

My phone cannot dial out or has quality issues during a call.
Because TPx will be controlling the flow of voice and data traffic through our MSR, all your calls should be smooth and uninterrupted. There are, however, several Local Area Network elements that can impact call quality or even prevent phones from registering. Should you experience a situation like this, please call TPx Managed Services Support at (855) 444-8722. Our Support Representatives will be able to review your recent traffic flow and call quality statistics to help isolate any issues that may exist. Please note, they may also ask that you connect the phone experiencing issues directly to the back of your MSR to rule out any possible LAN side issues. It is recommended that you have an appropriate power supply and Ethernet cable ready before you call.

How do I manually activate the MSR?
Before we ship your MSR, TPx will apply the initial configuration, including all provisioning settings and networking settings required.  All you need to do is connect the MSR to your modem and switch and give it power.



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