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SMS Messaging is included in UCx user bundles at UCx Complete

With the SMS Messaging feature, you can use UCx to send and receive SMS text messages to any mobile phone number. This feature provides an option for you to communicate with customers, vendors, and other contacts outside of your company while still using your business phone number.

How to Send SMS from the UCx App

To send an SMS text message, you first need to add the recipient’s number to your UCx Contacts list. If the recipient is another UCx user that’s already on your Contacts list, you’ll need to add their mobile number as a separate contact.

You can add a new SMS contact from any UCx app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the New Contact or Add Contact window in the UCx app of your choice. Follow these links for instructions: UCx for Desktop, UCx for Android Phones and Tablets, and UCx for iPhone and iPad.
  2. Fill out the Display Name and any other fields you wish. We recommend adding “SMS” or “Text” to the name, especially if this person is already on your UCx Contacts list (for example, a coworker who also uses UCx).
  3. Enter the contact’s mobile phone number in the IM Address field using the following format: [1 + 10 digit number] For example, for the phone number 213-123-4567, you’d enter the IM Address as [email protected]

    Be sure to include the leading “1” in the phone number. If the “1” is missing, you will still be able to send messages to the contact, but their replies will come through as a separate chat conversation.

    In the UCx for Desktop app, the IM Address field will lock as soon as you navigate away from it. If you’ve made a mistake in the IM Address, close the tab without saving changes, then start over with a new contact.

  1. Click OK, Done, or Save to save the new contact to your UCx Contacts list.

The contact is now part of your UCx Contacts list. You can chat with them exactly like you would with any other contact, except that every message you send to that contact will be sent to their mobile phone as an SMS text message.

An SMS contact’s presence status will always appear as “Pending.” (Since they’re not a UCx user, they have no way to confirm their availability.) This means they will be hidden on your Contacts list if you’ve set it to only show online contacts. If you like, you can unsubscribe from the contact to clear the “Pending” status, although they will still appear to be offline. Here are instructions on how to unsubscribe from a contact in UCx for Desktop, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

How to Receive SMS in the UCx App

Simply provide your UCx phone number to your contacts and let them know they can use it to send text messages. Any SMS message sent to your UCx number, from any valid mobile phone, will appear as a new chat conversation in the UCx app.

New inbound SMS messages will appear under the contact’s name, if you’ve previously added them to your Contacts list as described above. If their number doesn’t match to one of your existing UCx contacts, their name will appear as [1 + 10 digit number]

The SMS Messaging feature only allows one-to-one messages. Group messaging is not supported.

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