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User Privacy allows you to exclude yourself from Group and Enterprise Directory listings, Auto Attendant extension and/or name dialing, and phone status monitoring. You can also select other users in your enterprise or group who are allowed to monitor your phone status (such as a receptionist or executive assistant); they can view your phone status even if you enable phone status privacy.

  1. Log in to
  2. On the Profile home page, click the Privacy link in the Advanced column.
  3. The Privacy page opens.
  4. Check the boxes for the circumstances under which you wish to maintain privacy.
  5. (Optional) Use the Users authorized to monitor your phone status when Phone Status Privacy is enabled box to specify a user who can still monitor your status when privacy is enabled. Enter search criteria and click Search, or leave the search fields blank and click Search to show all users. Select the user in the Available Users column and click Add. The selected user moves to the Assigned Monitors column.
  6. Click OK or Apply to save changes, or Cancel to exit without saving.

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