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View All Outbound Fax History in Virtual Fax

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The Outbound History menu of the Virtual Fax admin portal displays a list of all faxes your users have sent.

NOTE: Virtual Fax stores all faxes and their records for 30 days. To keep a fax for more than 30 days, your users will need to download or print the image file for that fax.

Log in to the admin portal at Click the Monitor tab.

Your initial view upon clicking the Monitor tab will be of the Inbound History. Click Outbound History on the left menu.

The Outbound History list is displayed.

Use the search bar at the top of the list to search, filter, and order the list according to your desired criteria. Note that the columns cannot be changed.

You can take several actions on the individual faxes on this list. Note that all of these actions, except for viewing fax properties, are logged on the Event Log tab of that fax’s Properties.

View Fax Properties

Click on the fax link, OR check the box next to the fax and click Properties. You will see read-only information about the fax, including sender information, recipient information, and any errors.

View a Fax

IMPORTANT NOTE: This action is not typical for an administrator, unless it is done for troubleshooting purposes. Please refer to your company’s privacy policies.

Check the box next to a fax, then click View Fax.

NOTE: You may have to save the file before viewing it. The file format may be TIF or PDF.

Resubmit a Fax

Resubmitting creates a copy of the fax and resends it to the specified number(s). The system will attempt 3 retries, each 5 minutes apart.

To resubmit a fax: check the box next to that fax, then click Resubmit.

By default, Resubmit sends the fax to the same number as the original fax. Alternatively, you may enter a new number in the dedicated field. You may also choose to add a new transmission delay by checking Delay transmission until and selecting a date and time.

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