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Virtual Fax and Regulatory Compliance

Many applicable laws and regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI, are likely to require companies to protect any sensitive data in their possession or control. You and your company’s management are ultimately responsible for ensuring your company complies with its data protection obligations. TPx’s Virtual Fax service is configured as a useful tool to help your company protect sensitive data sent or received via facsimile transmission.
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Phone Books in Virtual Fax

In the Virtual Fax service, a Phone Book stores contact information about fax recipients. This information can include a contact’s name, fax number, address, company and business address, etc.
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OCR Processing Settings for Virtual Fax

OCR Processing creates a searchable PDF, in which a transparent layer of text is laid on top of the fax image. This does not add any discernable length of time to the processing of an inbound fax.
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Configure General Options for Virtual Fax

The General Settings menu of the Virtual Fax admin portal allows you to select settings for incoming fax routing, rasterization, and web clients at your site.
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SMTP Settings for Virtual Fax

Log in to the admin portal at Your initial view upon logging in will be of the General Settings Properties menu. Click the SMTP tab.
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Delete a Virtual Fax User

Log in to the admin portal at, then click Internal Users on the left menu.
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Export a List of Virtual Fax Users

Use this process to export a list of all Virtual Fax users for your company. The exported list includes all of the users’ properties, except for their passwords.
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Import a List of Virtual Fax Users

With the Virtual Fax admin portal, you can bulk upload a list of users to either create new accounts or update existing users’ information.
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