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Managed Solutions Key to Painless Digital Transformation

Cloud, collaboration and mobility have been important considerations for small and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders for several years now. Generally, they have been viewed as isolated technologies requiring separate initiatives and a number of different vendors and service providers, especially for companies with multiple locations across the country.

Increasingly, however, they are viewed as integrated elements in an ongoing effort at digital transformation – the reinvention of an organization through the use of digital technology that generates, stores and processes data to improve workforce productivity, customer experiences and business outcomes.

In fact, supporting digital transformation with cloud, collaboration and mobility has become an IT priority for SMBs, according to the latest report from IT market research firm Techaisle. The report suggests that many SMBs have been exploring digital transformation since 2016 but largely lack the direction, expertise and investment to realize its potential.

TPx, with our range of communications and collaboration, managed IT and network services, eases the burden of all three challenges.

  • Direction: As a managed services carrier, we have the experience and capability to guide customers through the process of developing a holistic solution that supports digital transformation.
  • Expertise: Our subject matter experts and security infrastructure and resources become an extension of our customers’ IT department.
  • Investment: our UCx hosted unified communications solution – often an SMB’s first step toward digital transformation – requires no up-front investment and offers a pay-as-you-go model that is less expensive than onsite infrastructure requiring monitoring, maintenance and support.

Digital Transformation with Unified Communications

Nearly all SMBs have already employed some digital transformation resources: powerful computing and communications infrastructure, cloud services, collaboration software, etc. However, proper planning and effective deployment and integration are needed to truly benefit from digital transformation.

This is why for many SMBs, hosted unified communications, also called Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), is the common-sense solution for beginning their digital transformation. UCaaS integrates phone, instant messaging, and conferencing services in desktop and mobile applications, enabling real-time communications and collaboration from anywhere and on any device.

Indeed, the ability to communicate from different locations and devices is fast becoming crucial for many businesses, which is why TPx offers a fully-featured smartphone app (available for iPhone and Android). Our customers can use these apps to access their UCx services from any location at any time – essentially giving them an office on the go.

You Can Have the Gain Without the Pain

Four out of five SMBs have experienced benefits such as increased sales, improved employee productivity, and declining costs after undertaking digital transformation initiatives, according to a recent survey conducted by IDC.

But digital transformation is a process, not a destination – and the technologies and integration to enable it can be complicated and frustrating to deploy and manage without the right partner. When you let TPx do the heavy lifting for you, you can avoid all of those headaches while reaping all of the rewards of digital transformation.

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