Learn how connectivity and security transforms business in a cloud-based world.

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Managed Connectivity

Every business has unique communications requirements.

What’s consistent is the need to connect customers, locations, suppliers and markets in an easily managed, reliable, and cost-effective network that is designed around your business growth strategy and not around a set of products. More options mean more opportunities to custom-tailor the solution that’s right for your business – and TPx gives them to you.

TPx can bring the connectivity that’s right for your business and weave it into a comprehensive communications solution.


Maximize bandwidth and provide QoS over the top of any WAN connection, increasing the performance of mission-critical applications.

MPLS Private Networks

Mix and match private MPLS solutions and “bring your own access” VPN options.

Internet Access

Our Tier 1 IP network is built to deliver the fastest Internet speeds possible.

Ethernet Transport

Flexible bandwidth options across our network and yours with the TPx Ethernet Ecosystem.

Fixed Wireless

Connects you with high-bandwidth, guaranteed Internet access, voice, private networking, and continuity options as a fully integrated part of TPx’s core IP network.

Managed High Speed Internet

Securely and efficiently connect to any application with cost-effective Internet access powered by SD-WAN.

Internet Failover

What would happen if your Internet connection went down? A backup circuit may seem expensive or complicated – but with Managed SD-WAN from TPx, it’s not.

4G LTE Networking

We’ve brought two powerful technologies together by adding 4G LTE-based connectivity to our Managed SD-WAN service.

We Deliver

We deliver network design, project management, monitoring, fault management, reporting, and 24/7/365 support capabilities.