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Common Networking Solutions Challenges

Common networking solutions challenges

Networking solutions challenges are common issues that many IT professionals face, and it’s important to be able to recognize and overcome them. Here are some more challenges and how to best approach them:

Sourcing Highly-Paid Specialized Network Engineers

Even when a company is fortunate enough to have an IT team, in-house specialization for their network often doesn’t make financial sense. Outsourcing to an managed services provider like TPx is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time engineer. Plus, specialists will execute more quickly and efficiently, reducing total costs.

Managing Networks and Security

If your business doesn’t have networking experts on staff, managing your network is a big pain point. Even if some members of your IT staff are networking experts, they’re unlikely to be security experts. Today’s networks require a dozen security solutions to be layered over the top. And best practice is 24/7 monitoring and remediation by analysts in a security operations center (SOC). Few, if any, SMBs have this capability; an MSP like TPx provides expertise in both networking and security with round-the-clock management.

Gaining Network Visibility

The growing volume and variety of data traversing your enterprise network have complicated network monitoring. Visibility is critical for understanding traffic behavior and ensuring efficiency, security and performance. An MSP like TPx has invested in state-of-the-art networking monitoring tools as well as the experts who can act on the data to improve your network.

Preventing and Responding to Problems

IT teams are constantly putting out multiple fires and can’t proactively prevent issues. An MSP like TPx has access to technical information and live feeds to stop problems before the customer knows they exist.

Retaining Existing IT Staff

Your IT team has opted into a 24/7 on-call gig and may need to put out fires at odd hours, including overnight and on the weekends. But even they have boundaries. If members of your IT team need to be giving up nights and weekends to solve issues, they may burn out and leave. With in-demand skills, your hard-to-source engineers will simply move on. This turnover is commonplace and can cripple your company’s operations. An MSP can alleviate the pressure on your IT specialists and give your team a better work-life balance.

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