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Action Buttons and Controls for the Receptionist Client

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Action buttons allow you to perform actions on calls (such as answering or transferring) or actions that result in a call being placed (such as dialing a number or contact).

Action buttons are contextual. That means they only appear on a line/entry when you move the mouse over that entry and when the corresponding action can be performed on that entry.

Action button What can you do with this?
Receptionist - Dialer - Dial button Dial Dial the number you entered in the Dialer.
CALL Place a call to the selected contact or to a number from Call History.
Redial Redial the last dialed number.
EXT Dial the contact’s extension.
MOB Dial the contact’s mobile number.
EMAIL Send an e-mail to the contact.
Transfer Transfer a call to a number entered in the Dialer.
TXR Transfer a call to a selected number or contact.
VM Transfer a call to the selected contact’s voicemail.
ANS Answer an incoming call, answer an unanswered call for a contact, or resume a held call.
HOLD Place a call on hold.
END End a call.
CONF Start a conference call or add a caller to a conference.
END End a conference call.
LEAVE Leave a conference call while allowing other participants to continue the call.
CAMP Camp the call on a busy contact.
BARGE Barge in on a contact’s call.
PARK Park a call on a contact.
MON Start monitoring the state of the selected contact.
CHAT Open a chat window to chat with the selected contact.
INVITE Invite the selected user(s) to a chat session.
PROMOTE Promote the selected call to the next higher priority bucket.
RETRIEVE Retrieve the selected call from the queue to the supervisor’s device.
REORDER Change the selected call’s position in the queue.
Receptionist - Web Pop URL Web Pop URL  Open a page in your browser to provide additional information about the caller.
Receptionist - Delete Call Log button Delete Call Log Delete a call log from Call History.

You may also see these control buttons throughout the client:

Button What can you do with this?
Receptionist - options Options Organize items in lists.
Receptionist - expand Expand/Collapse Show or hide the contents of a window or panel.
Receptionist - directory close button Close Close an interface element, such as window, pane, or panel.
Receptionist - edit Edit Edit a contact (in some directories).
Receptionist - Call History button Call History Display your call logs.
receptionist-button-call-waiting Call Waiting Turn Call Waiting on or off.
receptionist auto-answer Auto Answer Automatically answer incoming calls.
Receptionist - pull out directory Pull Out Directory Place a selected directory below the Call Console.
Receptionist - add vcard vCard Save a caller’s phone number and personal information in Microsoft Outlook.
Receptionist - Call Notification window - Transfer to voicemail Transfer to Voice Mail Transfer an incoming call to your voice mail.


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