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Sign In and Sign Out of Receptionist

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Important Notes:

  • The minimum required screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • If you are already signed in at one location and then sign in from a second location, you are automatically signed out from the original location.
  • You cannot sign in as different users on the same machine at the same time.
  • When using the Outlook Integration feature with Microsoft Outlook 2010, make sure Outlook is running before the Receptionist client is launched. Otherwise, Outlook Integration functionality will not work.

You can choose from two sign-in methods. Your login credentials are the same for both.

When you sign in, your presence state is set to Available.

Sign In from a Web Browser

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your user ID and password. If you do not know your user ID or password, contact your company administrator.
  3. (Optional, but recommended) Check Stay signed in to automatically connect and sign in whenever a network connection is detected. When this option is disabled, the client will sign you out if the connection is lost.
  4. (Optional) To change the language, click Additional options and select a new language from the Language drop-down list.
  5. Click Sign In. The Receptionist client starts.

NOTE: In some browser/operating system combinations, when you press ENTER instead of the Sign In button, a blank page appears.

Refer to Software Requirements for a list of supported web browsers.

Sign In from UCx Web Portal

  1. Log in to the UCx Web Portal at If you do not know your user ID or password, contact your company administrator.
  2. From the Launch drop-down list in the top right-hand corner, select iPBX Receptionist.
  3. The Receptionist client starts.

Sign Out

NOTE: As a best practice, do not close your browser window before signing out.

  1. Click Sign Out in the upper right corner.
  2. A message appears asking if you would like to save your current workspace. Click Yes if you’d like to keep the same setup for the next time you log in.

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