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Billing Summary Menu in Dash Customer Web Portal

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Use the Billing menu in Dash to get detailed billing information about your TPx account. You’ll either see the information directly in Dash, or get a link to view this information in our OneCentral Portal.

To access this menu, click Billing Summary in the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Dash - Billing menu

If your billing information is in Dash, you’ll see the following tabs:

  • Invoices: A high-level summary, and a link to a PDF version of your invoice.
  • Invoice Summary: A deeper dive into monthly recurring, usage and nonrecurring charges.
  • Recent Activity: A summary of your payment history.
  • Services and Features: A breakdown of all monthly recurring charges by service or feature.
  • Aging: An invoice aging summary.
  • Reports: Include frequently called numbers, frequently called locations, most expensive calls, longest duration calls, and time of day.

Dash - Billing summary

If your billing information is in OneCentral, you’ll see a link to this account management portal. You can use OneCentral to view and pay your bills online.

Dash - Billing in OneCentral Portal

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