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General Menu in Dash Customer Web Portal

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The General menu in Dash contains the following items. Select an item from the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Dash - General menu


The Accounts page lists all of your billing accounts.

Select an address to view all current activities for that address.

Dash - Account details

If you see no results for Aging on this page, it means your billing information is in TPx’s OneCentral Portal. You can reach that portal from Dash using the Billing Summary page.


The Addresses page lists all of your sites with TPx services.

Click on an address, then click on the Items tab to review details by location, including: Active Orders, Active Service Tickets, Active Circuits, Telephone Numbers, IP addresses, Billing Services, and Assets (equipment).

Dash - Items Dash - Assets


As a Dash Super User, you can give your colleagues access to your TPx account.  You can also deactivate an employee’s access if needed. It’s all on the Contacts page.

The TPx team reviews these contacts to confirm if an employee is authorized to make changes, submit billing inquiries, etc.


All contractual documentation for your account is found on the Documents page.

Dash - Documents

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