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What to Expect During UCx Onboarding

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TPx makes your UCx installation quick and easy.   Because UCx is hosted in the cloud and delivered over a TPx managed Internet connection, installation is much faster than a traditional phone system.  Once your order is confirmed, and you have TPx managed access, we can get you up and running in about 14 business days.   Once installed, managing your service is simple through the UCx web portal.

UCx Install Flyer:  One Page snapshot includes key activities, days and information TPx will need from you

Each install is unique and the following is an approximation:

Days 1-5 : 

  • Order Entry, Welcome Call and Schedule Meeting with Technical Provisioning Specialists.

Days 6-7

Technical Requirements Gathering with Voice Specialist

  • This step identifies all the information needed to provision you service and will require information gathering from the customer.  For example, creating a spreadsheet identifying how IP phones will be provisioning, call flow for auto attendants, call centers and hunts groups.  Number Porting will be reviewed to ensure that all telephone numbers are included and customers needs to provide a list of usernames and phone numbers to TPx.  You will also need to confirm the phone models and user bundles that will be assigned to each user.

Check List:  Information you will need to Provide TPx

Days 8-9


  • The Service Delivery Specialist submits your order to TPx Engineering  team and begins the provisioning for for your services

Days 10-12

IP Phones configuration and shipping

  • IP phones are pre-configured based on specifications given in technical requirements gathering. Once configured, IP phones are shipped to your office locations.

Day 13

Pre Go-Live/Voice Installation:

  • Your Voice Specialist consults with you to set a date for porting your numbers TPx.

Day 14

Install Complete/Number Porting and Go live:

  • You will have received for pre-configured IP phones for self install or have scheduled professional installation. TPx will conduct quality test and provide a go-live notice.  Your Service Delivery Specialist will be available for follow-up questions and MAC orders (moves, adds, and changes) for 3 days after the port.  You can use the Dash customer portal to request any future changes. After that time, all questions should be referred to the Customer Care

Managed Access Consideration

  • This timeline assumes you have already have TPx Managed Access or are planning to deliver your UCx service Over the Top (OTT) your existing internet service provider along with TPx Managed SD-WAN service.   For new TPx customers, Managed SD-WAN can be provisioned concurrently with your UCx service and is the quickest transport installation option.  TPx offers ethernet transport (Fiber, Copper, Fixed Wireless) and National High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) via national relationships with providers.  These installs will take, at a minimum, 40 days.



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