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Making Changes to your UCx Service

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MAC Orders in Dash

Move, add, and change (MAC) requests can be automatically processed in the Dash Customer Web Portal, including:

  • Add or remove users
  • Change user service pack
  • Assign or remove add-on services for a user
  • Add or return rental phones
  • Purchase new phones or equipment

Most of these requests are provisioned and billed as soon as you submit them in Dash. You will be able to review any impact the changes will have on your billing before submitting them.

Changes in the UCx Admin Web Portal

Your administrator can make many routine changes online through the UCx Web Portal, including:

  • Add, modify, and delete time schedules
  • Enable or disable call forwarding
  • Upload custom on-hold music
  • Activate or deactivate call centers
  • Activate, deactivate, or modify auto attendants
  • Add and manage Meet-Me Conferencing bridges

For full details, refer to the Administrator User Guide.

Moving to a New Address

Email: [email protected]. To ensure that your scheduling needs are met, please alert us about your Move at least 60 days in advance (if at all possible).

For All Other Changes

Please use the Dash Customer Web Portal to submit and track your request to “Add, change or disconnect a service”. Please note the following:

  • The MAC request must be submitted by an approved user. In Dash, the super-user for your company can select which other portal users are able to submit orders.
  • MAC requests can take up to 5 days to complete.
  • Any MAC changes outside regular business hours need prior approval and may incur additional charges.

For additional assistance, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager or send an email to: [email protected].

Fees for Service/Technical Assistance

Click here for the rate schedule for order- and repair-related maintenance.

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