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Manage DTO Numbers

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The Standard DTO application forwards all numbers assigned to agents to a default ring-to destination and email address. Enhanced DTO allows each agent’s DID to be forwarded to a specific destination (like a cell phone or group) or the same ring-to destination. Each DID can be set up to alert a unique email address or the same email address when DTO is utilized.



To modify an existing record, click on the row, then the Edit icon RTAP pencil icon  in the bottom right corner.


Once the Edit Record window appears, the individual entry can be populated with the following fields:

  • RingTO: The phone number where calls are routed to.
  • Email: The email address where alerts are sent to.

The following fields are also generated for each DID:

  • Last Used: Displays the last time DTO was utilized.
  • Calls: Displays the amount of times DTO was utilized.
  • Calls Active: Displays if the DID is currently using DTO.

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