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Microsoft 365 Product Description

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Solution Summary

With Microsoft 365, businesses of all sizes can work easier, work together, and worry less. This cloud-based platform always stays up-to-date, keeps Customer data private and secure, and gives users the ability to access their data from anywhere, anytime.  Microsoft Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based platform that provides flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices and platforms so organizations can work efficiently and stay productive.  Microsoft 365 service from TPx complements Microsoft Microsoft 365 perfectly by employing expert resources to migrate you into the Microsoft 365 Cloud and manage the environment to ensure it remains secure, available, and performing optimally.  Once you are successfully migrated to Microsoft 365 Our resources are there 24x7x365 to provide technical support, configuration and change management, and user administration to help you get the most out of your investment in Microsoft 365.

Solution Benefits

The unique benefits provided by this service include:

  • A Seamless Transition – TPx engineers have performed hundreds of migrations for customers of all sizes. Leveraging our proven migration process, Customers will benefit from a smooth and efficient transition to the Microsoft Microsoft 365 Platform.
  • Improved Productivity – TPx will configure our Customers Microsoft 65 environment according to our recommended practices. This ensures that it is built right and that Customers maximize their ability to leverage this powerful platform to improve employee productivity.
  • Enhanced Security – Microsoft 365 contains many built-in Security enhancements and tools. TPx will configure and manage these per recommended practices and individual customer requirements.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery –Microsoft 365 OPTIMUM service level includes our complete data protection and recovery solution. This solution securely backs up all Email, OneDrive and SharePoint data in Microsoft 365 to a separate Azure instance which enhances your ability to quickly recover important data by eliminating the dependence on Microsoft’s limited native capabilities in this area. This also helps provide a redundant environment to protect against ransomware attacks within Microsoft 365 itself.
  • Reduced Administration Costs – TPx is one partner to handle all your Microsoft 365 needs, from billing management to technical support. Reduce the amount of administrative time your team needs to spend managing this complex environment with Microsoft 365, and never have to call Microsoft again.

​​​​​​Available Service Levels

Microsoft 365 is available in two different service levels to meet a variety of customer use cases.

  • Microsoft 365 CORE:  The CORE Service Level provides license management and technical support management.  It is designed for organizations that have their own in-house IT staff that will manage and administer the Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Microsoft 365 OPTIMUM:  The OPTIMUM Service level is designed for organizations that want TPx to manage and administer their Microsoft 365 environment.  It includes all features of the CORE service level, as well as User Account Management, Configuration Management and Security Administration.  In addition, OPTIMUM Service includes a Disaster Recovery solution for Microsoft 365 to protect Email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams data against loss.

Important Service Considerations

The following information summarizes some key service exclusions and considerations.

Technical Support:  Customer should submit support tickets directly to TPx not Microsoft.  TPx will address initial troubleshooting and escalate to Microsoft as needed

User “How-to” support: Microsoft 365 service does not include “how-to” support for end-user applications

Customer portal access: TPx does not prevent authorized customer contacts from accessing their Microsoft 365 Administration Portals or prohibit self-administration.

One Service Level per tenant:  Managed support is provided on a per user basis, each user with a Microsoft 365 license must have a corresponding Managed Service Level instance (CORE or OPTIMUM).  All users must be covered under the same Managed Service Level.

System Requirements

Desktop system requirements for Microsoft 365 can be found here.

Email client requirements can be found here.

Outlook 2010 End-of-support roadmap can be found here.

**Note: use of IMAP/POP connections and 3rd party email clients like Thunderbird and Apple Mail are not supported by TPx.  For best operation and security TPx recommends using Microsoft Outlook 2013 or higher, or Outlook Web Access.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Microsoft 365 OPTIMUM Service Level includes a comprehensive Backup solution that protects Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups, and Teams data against loss.  This solution is provided to TPx through best-in-class software from  Skykick.  Skykick Cloud Backup empowers your customers to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 investment by protecting their data and productivity across the Microsoft 365 tenant.  Microsoft 365 it is not designed to quickly and easily restore lost, deleted, or corrupted data to ensure ongoing productivity.  It is designed to protect against an infrastructure failure, not a loss of Customer data.   Considering that 75% of Cloud Data loss is due to human causes (Mistakes, Malicious attacks, etc), this leaves a major gap in Microsoft’s Disaster Recovery story that puts Customer’s data at risk.  Without Skykick Cloud Backup, a single restore request can mean several hours of downtime – if the data is even recoverable (as seen in the chart below).



The unique benefits provided by this service include:

  • Unlimited Retention  – When items are deleted from Microsoft 365 they are typically only retained for 30 days.  They are then no longer recoverable.  Skykick Cloud Backup makes information available for as long as you maintain an active contract with us.
  • One Click Restore – Restore documents, mail items, folders, contacts, and even entire mailboxes at the click of a mouse
  • Multiple daily backups – Six snapshots a day are taken to protect your data
  • Unlimited Storage – Unlike many competitors who include set storage limits and charge extra for exceeding them, Skykick Cloud Backup includes no storage limits for Exchange, OneDrive SharePoint, Groups or Teams.

This cloud-to-cloud backup solution is also available as a billable add-on for CORE service.


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