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Upgrades to Call Center Client

TPx regularly updates the Call Center Client to introduce new features. As your company’s administrator, you will be notified of these upgrades and when they are scheduled to occur.
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Hardware & Software Requirements for Call Center Client

This article describes the minimum hardware and software requirements to run TPx’s Call Center Client. TPx strongly recommends that computer systems used to run the Call Center Client have capabilities exceeding these.
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Skill-Based Routing for Call Centers

With skill-based routing enabled on a Call Center, queued calls are distributed to agents based on the agents’ rated ability to handle calls in that call center.
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Operational Scenarios for the Call Center Client

Typically, TPx’s Call Center is set up in a similar framework each time. However, there are some differences in configuration based on the complexity and needs of the scenario. In these instances, services may be added to accommodate the requirements using the flexibility of the environment.
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Introduction to Call Center Client for Administrators

TPx’s Call Center Client is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for call center agents and supervisors.  As a hosted application launched directly from a web browser, there is no need to distribute the client software or upgrade the users’ desktops.
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