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Fortinet’s FortiClient VPN is a highly secure, user-friendly VPN solution that integrates seamlessly with your FortiGate Firewall. It is designed to provide secure remote access, ensuring your data remains safe no matter where you’re located.

With the FortiClient VPN installer, you can establish secure VPN connections to your corporate network right from your Windows or Mac device. Navigate through our available downloads below to initiate the installation process.

Please note, the correct operation of FortiClient VPN requires proper configuration with your existing FortiGate Firewall. If you need assistance, please consult our support resources or contact our customer service team.

FortiClient Installers:

7.0.0 Windows VPN Only FortiClient x32: [Link]

7.0.0 Windows VPN Only FortiClient x64: [Link]

7.0.0 Windows FortiClient Tools*: [Link]

7.0.0 MAC VPN Only FortiClient: [Link]

7.0.0 MAC FortiClient Tools*: [Link]


* While FortiClient tools are typically not required, they are readily available here for instances where you might need them for troubleshooting with our support team.

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