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Device Management Event Queues

The Device Management Event Queues feature of the UCx Web Portal allows an administrator to view and manage events in the Device Management event queue triggered by a user or administrator in the group.
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Voice Portal Branding

You can specify a personalized introduction to the Voice Portal and Voice Messaging services. When a call is connected to the Voice Portal or Voice Messaging, the appropriate message is played to the caller.
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Intercept Group

The Intercept Group feature allows you to gracefully take a group out of service while providing callers with informative announcements and alternative routing options. This feature is typically used for a group that has been decommissioned.
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Extension Dialing

The Extension Dialing page of the UCx Web Portal shows you the extension length configured for your group.
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LDAP Integration

LDAP integration enables users to access contact names and phone numbers from an external LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) directory.
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