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Customers are letting businesses know in no uncertain terms that they expect a tailored experience every time they log in or call. Delivering that experience is becoming a baseline requirement and many businesses depend on robust CRM systems to enable that personalized attention. But you can’t get full value from this centralized goldmine of customer interaction data if it isn’t easily available, intuitive and integrated into the daily routines of call center agents, receptionists, sales and marketing professionals, and anyone else handling customer calls. If this data languishes in siloed interfaces, you’re missing out on its true potential to go beyond simply getting you a ticket to the dance.

Enter UCx Integrator, which unleashes the power of this critical data by making it available just when you need it. It integrates information from the CRM system (and other business apps) into TPx’s unified communications (UC) suite. So for instance, when a customer calls in, the person answering the phone will get an on-screen pop-up with the caller’s stored CRM information – so the employee knows the customer’s identity and history before they even pick up the phone. One click gets you to the customer’s full record.

The result? Prepared customer service reps with all the key info they need to efficiently take care of a customer’s query or concern in an informed, personal way. In short, it sends a message to the customer that your company knows them and is serious about treating customers like the guests of honor that they are.

UCx Integrator has a number of additional rich features, all geared to help customer-facing workers up their professional game. This includes full call control, so users can click to place, receive, transfer and hang up calls directly from the CRM, and concurrent search to uncover contact information across multiple CRMs. Users can also search and dial from a personal address book or the corporate directory, while real-time availability allows users to see if a co-worker is on the phone before transferring a call. Call logging, meanwhile, allows reps to see details on up to 20 recent calls, including missed calls. Users can also copy a phone number from any application, and it’ll activate a pop-up to dial that number.

Out of the box, UCx Integrator meshes with over two dozen of the most popular CRM systems and databases, including ACT!, ConnectWise, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage, and CRM systems are just part of the picture, though. UCx Integrator also brings value to common business applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus/IBM Notes, Google Contacts, and Skype for Business, and it works with more than 200 industry-specific applications in verticals such as legal, healthcare, finance, property management, and many more. And if none of those match up to your requirements, a custom integration may be possible.

Customers are the lifeline of your business, and in today’s hyper-competitive environment, offering them a platinum-tier standard of service can be a key differentiator. Reach out to your TPx representative today to find out how to unleash the data housed in your CRM and business app environments.

About the Author

Nicholas Clapper is a Senior Manager of Product at TPx. He has more than 10 years of experience in product management, and in that time he has built up his expertise in hosted voice services, particularly the BroadSoft platform. Nicholas leads a cross-functional project team at TPx that manages the company’s hosted communications products, including the UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service, SmartVoice SIP Trunking, and Internet access circuits. He is always looking for ways to help businesses communicate more effectively and more efficiently.

UC Call Centers Drive Better Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is so… yesterday. Today, it’s all about the customer experience, or overall journey with your company. Customers that have good overall experiences (including satisfaction at all of their touchpoints) buy more and refer more customers. And the key to it all is seamless communications throughout that journey.

That’s why forward-thinking organizations are deploying call center solutions as key components in their integrated communications strategies. After all, in today’s world of always-on, anywhere and anytime contact, your customers have many options to reach you with feedback, questions, and, with any luck, interest in making new purchases.

To gain a serious advantage on this front, businesses are enabling seamless conversations across the call center and other parts of the company, thanks to unified communications (UC).

Breaking Down Barriers Improves Customer Experience

For most companies, customer engagement remains a siloed experience. Call center agents may not have easy access to a customer’s sales history, or even a unified view of previous customer service interactions – let alone granular information about products, tech support or other contextual data.

UC can break down those walls, supporting digital transformation initiatives that can turn call centers into modern, interactive hubs for customer service. For one, a unified dashboard allows customer service representatives to reach subject matter experts within the business in real time. UC’s core functionality – presence and all-in-one communications channels – means that reps can see who’s available, and they can reach them in the way that makes the most sense. A simple detail about a product or service might be gleaned with an IM to a marketing guru – while a screen sharing session with the sales manager may make the most sense to review the documents necessary to get a new sale moving along. At any point, these interactions can be escalated to a phone call if necessary – giving reps a hugely improved capacity for first-call resolution and garnering customer loyalty.

With UC, Your Contact Center is Always On

The interactive call center is also always-on. Thanks to UC, reps can answer calls in the queue from branch locations or even from home, and management can leverage alternate off-hours routing. The UC call center can also deliver entrance messages and comfort messages to queued calls, which increases customer satisfaction when volume surges.

All in, it’s never been easier to deliver responsive sales and service support to customers than it is today, provided your call center is powered by rich UC features. At TPx we paired our hosted call center platform with our industry-leading, award-winning UC features, including fully-featured instant messaging and presence. Our solutions come in two call center packages, both of which are completely customizable to meet your organization’s unique requirements. Whether you have five seats or 5,000, we can help you turn your call center into a hub for superior customer experience. And best of all, it’s affordable and instantly scalable. Contact your TPx representative today, or reach out to us here, to request a live demo of our call center in action.