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Welcome to today’s office – featuring an increasingly borderless workforce, set free by the rise of smartphones and tablets. Smart mobility has given companies the opportunity to recruit a larger pool of talent unfettered by geography, who can optimize their productivity with anytime, anywhere access to messaging and email. If you want your business to truly capitalize on the benefits of the mobile workplace, however, you need to embrace mobile unified communications (UC).

Getting email on your phone is one thing; having true collaboration and connection tools wherever you are is another.

Put simply, mobile UC applications provide rich communications features and access to company resources to geographically dispersed, traveling and highly mobile workers. These apps seamlessly hook into enterprise UC platforms, giving everyone the ability to use the same full suite of key UC business applications regardless of whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road.  This untethered UC enables teamwork in dynamic environments and empowers the mobile worker for true collaboration from any location.

Mobile UC ensures a centralized environment for the entire workforce. It’s a good bet that any modern company will find itself with employees working from outside the office perimeter at some point. Rolling out a comprehensive platform means that mobile users, communications platforms and business applications aren’t relegated to a patchwork of fragmented silos that not only hamper collaboration, but also present potential security holes. Mobile UC apps instead ensure that businesses have a level of control over how their sensitive information and services are accessed.

Additionally, Mobile UC allows businesses to offer a greater degree of workplace flexibility to their employees. Work-life balance is more than just a lofty goal: remote working or flexible hours, enabled by solid mobile access, is a crucial piece of the strategy for many companies. They recognize that working 9 to 5 hasn’t been most employees’ reality for many years, so they need to provide ways for employees to take calls and participate in meetings outside of “traditional” business hours and locations.

At TPx we offer three different mobile UC apps, for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. All are designed for versatility, comprehensive feature-richness and ease-of-use. They are full-featured extensions for our UCx platform, which is built on the high-quality VoIP service that TPx is known for. With the UCx mobile apps, users can call, chat, email, and video conference from anywhere.

Beyond UC, companies have the option of bundling in our suite of managed services, including SD-WAN, managed endpoints, managed security, virtual fax and more – which further boosts mobile strategy across the digital enterprise.

Your business doesn’t have to stop when you leave the office. Call your TPx representative today to see how we can help you to support your mobile workers and take full advantage of the modern digital workplace.


About the Author

Nicholas Clapper is a Senior Manager of Product at TPx. He has more than 10 years of experience in product management, and in that time he has built up his expertise in hosted voice services, particularly the BroadSoft platform. Nicholas leads a cross-functional project team at TPx that manages the company’s hosted communications products, including the UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service, SmartVoice SIP Trunking, and Internet access circuits. He is always looking for ways to help businesses communicate more effectively and more efficiently.

stay connected on your day off

This time of year, there is a distinct possibility that you’ll wake up in the morning, see a perfectly sunny forecast, and have a Ferris Bueller moment. If you’d rather spend the day driving around in your best friend’s dad’s Ferrari, you’ll be glad to know that UCx gives you the ability to carry on with business anyway.

You may find these features of UCx to be particularly helpful on your Day Off:

Calling on Mobile App

When you’ve got the UCx mobile app running on your iPhone or Android phone, you can use your smart phone to place and receive calls on your business phone number. Your callers will have no idea that you aren’t in the office… that is, unless they can hear the baseball game in the background.

Chat on Mobile App

You can also use the UCx mobile app to send instant messages to your colleagues back at the office while you’re on the road. For example, while you’re visiting downtown, you could ask your coworker from the city: “Where’s a good place to park the car?” (Just don’t do it while you’re driving!)

Call Forwarding Selective

If you don’t want your cell phone to ring off the hook all day, but you definitely want to be able to answer when your dad calls to check in on you, you can use Call Forwarding Selective to only forward those calls that matter most.

Voicemail Transcription

With the Voicemail Transcription add-on for UCx, you can receive your voicemail messages as transcribed emails. In other words, if you find yourself somewhere that’s too noisy for you to listen to your voicemail – such as a parade that spontaneously breaks out into a synchronized dance routine – you won’t miss a beat, because you can read your voicemail instead.

Remember that life moves pretty fast… if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. And when you’re not tied down to your desk phone, it’s so much easier to live!


About the Author

Stacey Kendall is a Product Marketing Manager at TPx Communications. Her role is focused on marketing for TPx’s suite of Communications & Collaboration offerings, including the UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service and SmartVoice SIP Trunking. Stacey holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a specialization in Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She resides in the greater Boston area.