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Unified Instant Messaging Presence States

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Unified instant messaging presence states indicate you or your contacts’ availability to communicate using client applications such as Call Center, Receptionist, or UCx.

NOTE: When changing your presence status in UCx, it automatically changes your status in the Receptionist and Call Center clients as well.

The possible states are as follows:

IM&P State

Icon Description

Subscribed States

Available AvailableIM The contact is online, available on one or more devices, and not busy on any device.
Busy BusyIM The contact is online, but currently busy on one or more devices. Do not disturb.
Away AwayIM The contact is connected but away from one or more devices and not busy on any device.
Offline OfflineIM The contact if offline on all devices. If you are offline, you do not receive any presence updates or instant messages. In addition, your Instant Message pane is empty and the presence state of your contacts in other Contact panels is set to “Offline.

Unsubscribed States

Pending Subscription PendingIM You sent a subscribe request to the contact, but it has not yet been accepted. Clicking the icon resends the request.
Not Subscribed NotSubscribedIM

The contact has IM&P but you are not subscribed to monitor their state. The contact is not listed in the Instant Message directory. Clicking this icon sends a subscription request to the contact.


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