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In the midst of the hectic work days we all experience, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of ever-changing technology. It’s time to get inspired and see what’s coming down the pike. Here are a few interesting industry news items that you may have missed in the commotion.

Is 2018 going to be “the” year for WebRTC?

A panel at this week’s Enterprise Connect conference posed that exact question. If you’ve ever used voice or video communication in a social media app, or if you’ve used the guest join feature of UCx, then you’ve already experienced WebRTC in action. But where else could WebRTC be applied? How about in healthcare, for a remote doctor’s visit or therapy session? Or in education, to create a virtual classroom? Check out this article on No Jitter to get the full scoop.

SD-WAN and security go hand-in-hand

When SD-WAN first started to hit the streets, most companies only thought about it as a network connectivity option. Now that they’re more comfortable with what SD-WAN can do, they’re realizing that it’s not a security concern – in fact, it enhances their existing network security infrastructure. Network World has more details on this revelation.

Enabling digital transformation with mobility

“Digital transformation” is more than a trending buzzword: it’s happening everywhere. When your plumber or electrician walks in to your house carrying an iPad, or when you pull up a store’s app while you’re out shopping, you’re experiencing digital transformation. When done correctly, digital transformation makes it very easy for a customer to interact with you – and mobile devices are the key to this paradigm shift. Read more on SearchMobileComputing.

What emerging technology is most inspiring to you? Do you have any other favorites that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!


About the Author

Stacey Kendall is a Product Marketing Manager at TPx Communications. Her role is focused on marketing for TPx’s suite of Communications & Collaboration offerings, including the UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service and SmartVoice SIP Trunking. Stacey holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a specialization in Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She resides in the greater Boston area.

Cloud, collaboration and mobility have been important considerations for small and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders for several years now. Generally, they have been viewed as isolated technologies requiring separate initiatives and a number of different vendors and service providers, especially for companies with multiple locations across the country.

Increasingly, however, they are viewed as integrated elements in an ongoing effort at digital transformation – the reinvention of an organization through the use of digital technology that generates, stores and processes data to improve workforce productivity, customer experiences and business outcomes.

In fact, supporting digital transformation with cloud, collaboration and mobility has become an IT priority for SMBs, according to the latest report from IT market research firm Techaisle. The report suggests that many SMBs have been exploring digital transformation since 2016 but largely lack the direction, expertise and investment to realize its potential.

TPx, with our range of communications and collaboration, managed IT and network services, eases the burden of all three challenges.

Digital Transformation with Unified Communications

Nearly all SMBs have already employed some digital transformation resources: powerful computing and communications infrastructure, cloud services, collaboration software, etc. However, proper planning and effective deployment and integration are needed to truly benefit from digital transformation.

This is why for many SMBs, hosted unified communications, also called Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), is the common-sense solution for beginning their digital transformation. UCaaS integrates phone, instant messaging, and conferencing services in desktop and mobile applications, enabling real-time communications and collaboration from anywhere and on any device.

Indeed, the ability to communicate from different locations and devices is fast becoming crucial for many businesses, which is why TPx offers a fully-featured smartphone app (available for iPhone and Android). Our customers can use these apps to access their UCx services from any location at any time – essentially giving them an office on the go.

You Can Have the Gain Without the Pain

Four out of five SMBs have experienced benefits such as increased sales, improved employee productivity, and declining costs after undertaking digital transformation initiatives, according to a recent survey conducted by IDC.

But digital transformation is a process, not a destination – and the technologies and integration to enable it can be complicated and frustrating to deploy and manage without the right partner. When you let TPx do the heavy lifting for you, you can avoid all of those headaches while reaping all of the rewards of digital transformation.