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At TPx, our goal is to help you break free from the constraints of voicemail and email, to enable more productive, collaborative working. UCx, TPx’s award-winning Unified Communications (UC) solution, will revolutionize the way you do business by giving you the tools you need to add agility and flexibility to your everyday communications. Forget about phone tag and endless waiting for someone to respond to your emails.

We’ve put together a quick two-minute video overview of UCx that showcases how we can re-energize and accelerate how you do business, from the corporate office to the home office and everywhere in-between:

Unified Communications: Your Competitive Differentiator
Customers, colleagues, and competitors are pushing the boundaries of how, when, and where they work. The tools you choose can make the difference between thriving in this virtual environment, and constantly playing catch-up with the competition.

High-Quality Voice Service
UCx offers a wide range of advanced features, but it also does just the basics with standout quality. Bolster your workday with collaboration and connection over the high-quality VoIP service that TPx is known for. Launch an audio or video call from the UCx app, or click-to-dial from your desk phone.

The UCx Difference: More Than a Phone System
UCx is a powerful phone system, but it’s also much more than that. At a glance, you can see if your contacts are available, and if they’re away, if they’re on the phone or in a meeting. You can ask a co-worker a quick question with an instant message, and instantly pass screens back and forth. For conferencing, you can invite anyone in the world to join your meeting, even if they don’t have UCx – no more waiting for software to download or sessions to start.

Enabling the Mobile Workforce
When you’re not at your desk, you’ll still have the power of UCx right at your fingertips. With our full-featured Android and iOS apps, you’ll be available whenever and wherever you choose, with chat, presence, contacts, calling, and conferencing all available through one intuitive app.

Backed by White-Glove Customer Care
UCx lives in the TPx cloud, and is backed up by our 24-hour, 365-days-per-year TPx network operations center. That means your service will be highly reliable and will auto-update over time. And as always, UCx is backed by our TPx team with our total commitment to customer care.


Welcome to today’s office – which might not be in the office after all. UCx gives you everything you need to keep your business moving forward from anywhere. Whether you’re working from home, visiting a customer, packing up items in the warehouse, or taking your kids to soccer practice, you can stay connected without being stuck at your desk.

Contact your TPx representative today to see how UCx can keep you ahead of the competition and help you make the most of your employees’ time, wherever they happen to be.


A marvelous 75-year long study conducted by a group of Harvard researchers has shown that love is really all that matters. The participants’ lifelong experiences revealed that happiness and life fulfillment revolved around love or simply searching for love.

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to reflect on what and who we love and show our appreciation. We took this opportunity to talk to a few TPx employees and ask them, “What do you love?” Watch the video to see what they said, and check out the short Q&A with our MSx Product team below!

1. Aside from family and friends, name the first three things that come to mind when someone asks you, “What do you love?”

Joe Royer, Product Manager, MSx Managed IT/Cloud: 

  1. Fishing
  2. Hunting
  3. Boating

Lori Hannan, Product Manager, MSx Managed Networks:

  1. Animals
  2. Swimming
  3. 60-70 degree weather

Erik Nordquist, Sr. Product Manager for MSx Firewalls & Datacenters:

  1. Fishing (not phishing – hate that)
  2. Backpacking
  3. Coaching girls’ soccer

Lucie Hys, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for MSx Services: 

  1. Working out
  2. Learning new things
  3. Traveling


2. What do you love about your job?

Joe: “That I get to use my many years of industry experience to help others in the company achieve success.”

Lori: “The freedom to work from home, and the people that I work with are always willing and excited to help.”

Erik: “Being able to help customers and make their lives easier so they can spend more time with their loved ones.”

Lucie: “Everything. The work environment is challenging, flexible, and fun and people here are smart, passionate, and hard-working.”


3. How is MSx special?

Joe: “We bring products to market that create real value for our clients.  We don’t just go for the next cool thing.”

Lori: “We are truly agile and keep a pulse on the market.”

Erik: “MSx isn’t about technology, it is about people. We have a great group of special people dedicated to helping our wonderful MSx customers.”

Lucie: “I agree with Erik. TPx is all about the people, since we are a service provider. We are dedicated to providing an excellent service, and really listen and adapt to the client’s wants and needs.”


Does your business have an old phone system that’s on its last legs? If it’s time for it to be replaced, you’ve got an important decision ahead of you. Buying the correct communications platform can truly make a difference to the success of your business.

With this 2-minute video, you’ll learn the 9 key questions to ask when upgrading your phone system.

Can you believe 2018 is almost over?  The year has gone by so fast, but as they say, time flies when you are having fun! At TPx, we do a good job at working hard while having fun – as you can see for yourself in our New Year’s Eve inspired video.

What are our MSx product team’s end-of-the-year thoughts? Check out a short Q&A below.

When you look back on 2018, what comes to mind?

Joe Royer, Product Manager, MSx Managed IT/Cloud: “Change. Lots of personal and professional change in my life this year. I had a fresh start with a new career as a product manager.”

Lori Hannan, Product Manager, MSx Managed Networks: “New baby, new job, new house.”

Erik Nordquist, Sr. Product Manager for MSx Firewalls: “A year full of great new experiences and working with a bunch of great new people.”

Lucie Hys, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for MSx Services: “Getting a job I love at TPx.”

What is your favorite work-related memory from 2018?

Joe: “The first ‘Product Management Roadshow,’ training the TPx sales teams about our MSx services.  That is when I realized that I can make a positive impact using my experience and expertise.”

Lori:Getting hired at TPx.”

Erik: “The moment I realized I could implement a change that would ultimately have a positive effect for the company.”

Lucie: “Drinking from a fire hose when I joined the company, as I had to learn a ton during a short period of time. I really enjoy learning and tackling new challenges.”

Looking into 2019, what are your personal or professional goals?

Joe: “To develop my expertise and continue to make a positive impact on the business in my new role as Product Manager.”

Erik: “Personal: Spend more time outdoors with family.  Professional: Add even more security offerings to the MSx line of services.”

Lucie: “Get more exposure for TPx from our marketing efforts, improve my Spanish, and visit a continent I have never been to.”

Where would you like to see TPx go in 2019? In the future?

Joe: “Continue to move toward becoming a national leader in all the MSP services that we provide.”

Lori: “Continue seeing more and more happy TPx customers.”

Erik: “I want us to become a premier trusted MSP for security products around the world.”

Lucie: “I would love to see the security service portfolio expand in 2019, and ultimately become a leading Managed Service Provider on an international front.”

How will you spend New Year’s Eve?

Joe: “With friends, telling stories and jokes and playing stupid fun games that will make memories for years.”

Lori: “In my new house, with my 2 daughters, 2 dogs, and my husband.”

Erik: “Either glamping or watching movies with the family.”

Lucie: “I will ring in the New Year in Prague with my best friends.”

Big thanks to all our clients, partners, employees, and friends for your continuous support. May 2019 be the best year so far for all of you.

There’s something to be thankful for every day of the year, but that sentiment is never stronger than it is on Thanksgiving. As we get ready to gather with our families and friends tomorrow, we’ve got much more than turkey and pumpkin pie on our minds.

Get to know our MSx team with a new Thanksgiving-inspired Q&A below!

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Erik Nordquist, Sr. Product Manager for MSx Firewalls: “Spending time with my dad. Life is precious.”
Lori Hannan, Product Manager, MSx Managed Networks: “A healthy family.”
Joe Royer, Product Manager, MSx Managed IT/Cloud: “I’m thankful that my kids are all still local and we can spend time together beyond just a few hours here or there on a holiday.”
Lucie Hys, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for MSx Services: “For every day I get to spend with the people I love, being healthy, and for having a job I truly enjoy doing.”

What are you thankful for at work?

Erik: “Being able to work with people that really care about and take pride in their work. Being in a position now that I can work to make positive changes for the company.”
Lori: “It keeps me busy and I am always learning.”
Joe: “I’m thankful for the opportunity to take on a new challenge in a new role and begin the next chapter in my career.”
Lucie: “Waking up every day being excited about my workday, the flexibility, and great co-workers and managers.”

Why do you appreciate your colleagues?

Erik: “Because I know if I need something they will be there to help and they don’t expect me to be perfect.”
Lori: “Because they have helped me tremendously since I started about a month ago.”
Joe: “We have a great team of professionals who are hard-working, understand the value of teamwork and the role that every person plays in our company’s success and are therefore willing to help out whenever it’s needed.”
Lucie: “They all work hard, have high integrity, and really care about TPx succeeding.”

How would you answer these questions? Let us know in the comments.

Best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TPx!