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Make Outbound Calls from the Call Center Client

With the Call Center client you can make calls to an ad hoc number, a contact from any of your contact directories, or a number from Call History. You can also specify the calling line identity to use for your outbound calls.
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Call Center Supervisor – Queued Calls Pane

Call Center supervisors can manage queued calls in up to five selected call centers and monitor calls in real time. You use the Queued Calls pane to manage queued calls under your supervision.
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Escalate Calls to Call Center Supervisors

As a Call Center agent, you can escalate calls to the first available supervisor or to a specific supervisor. You can also make an emergency call, which quickly conferences an available supervisor into your call without placing the remote party on hold.
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Generate Call Trace

Call Center allows you to generate a trace on active, held, released, or missed calls.
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Record Calls in the Call Center Client

With the Call Center client, you can record calls manually or have the system automatically record your calls. Depending on your Call Recording mode, Call Center may allow you to manually start, pause, resume, or stop recording a call.
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Assign Disposition Codes

Disposition codes enable you to “tag” calls with comments, results, and so on. More than one disposition code can be assigned to a call.
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Call Types

Call Types define different types of calls measured in call center statistics.
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