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UCx Add-On Features (User and Group)

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User Add-On Features

In addition to the standard UCx User Bundles TPx offers optional add-on features that you can apply to individual users for additional functionality. You are welcome to purchase one or more of these add-ons, provided they are compatible with the user bundle purchased for that user.   The following table lists all available user add-ons.  

A detailed explanation of each add-on is provided below the table, with links to supporting documentation where available.

Optional User Add-Ons UCx Basic UCx Voice UCx Complete UCx Agent Standard UCx Agent Premium
Call Center Agent Client
Call Center Supervisor Client
CRM Integrator
Hosted Call Recording
Receptionist Client
Virtual Fax
Voicemail Transcription

Call Center Agent Client: A web client that provides a visual representation of inbound and active calls, assigned supervisor status, and number of calls waiting in all subscribed queues. The Agent Client allows the user to manage calls, initiate three-way conference calls, escalate calls to a supervisor, log in and out of queues, and more.

Call Center Supervisor Client: A web client that provides a visual representation of inbound and active calls, assigned agent status, and number of calls waiting in all subscribed queues. The Supervisor Client enables supervisors to view the Supervisor Dashboard and pull advanced reports on contact center queues and agents. In addition, the Supervisor Client will allow the user to manage calls, initiate 3-Way Conference calls, barge-in on agent calls, pull a call out of a queue, change assigned agent status, and more.

CRM Integrator:  The UCx Integrator is a downloadable application/management tool which allows users to integrate their UCx phone and CRM (customer relationship management) applications and databases.

Hosted Call Recording: A carrier-grade call recording solution that records all inbound and outbound calls on a per-user basis. TPx’s secure, dedicated Call Recording portal provides access to call administration, playback, download, and management of recorded calls. All calls are recorded and stored in .mp3 format. System storage must be purchased in a quantity that is sufficient to hold all calls from all agents (plus any Hosted Call Recording Add-Ons), for the number of days you wish to keep each recording.

  • Add-On – Call Analytics: Adds keyword speech recognition to all calls recorded for the assigned user(s). Useful to track campaign keywords or skip ahead during recording playback to where a caller is talking about the competition. Requires 340KB/min of storage.
  • Add-On – Evaluate: Allows a supervisor to make notations to a recording during playback, then jump to those notes when reviewing the call with their direct report. Requires 160KB/min of storage.
  • Add-On – Screen Capture: Records the agent’s screen through the use of a Windows-based client, then uploads the screen capture to the Call Recording storage and couples it with the audio recording. Useful to ensure that agents are staying on task when answering calls. Requires 10MB/min of storage.

Receptionist Client: An intuitive web client for front-desk operators and receptionists to manage their active calls, view phone status of other users, and transfer calls as needed. The Receptionist Dashboard will support a maximum of 200 monitored users.

Virtual Fax:  Virtual Fax service delivers enterprise-grade faxing in the cloud, including both inbound and outbound faxing. Virtual Fax will enable you to adapt your aging fax infrastructure to today’s work environment, where secure document transfers and remote working are the norm rather than the exception.

Voicemail Transcription:Read your voicemail! All of the user’s received voicemail messages are routed through an automated voice recognition engine that transcribes the audio into text. The user receives an email with this text transcription and a .wav file of the original voicemail. There are two levels of Voicemail Transcription available: Standard (10 minutes/month) and High Use (unlimited). This service may be added to any user with voicemail (all user bundles except UCx Basic).

Group Add-On Features

These optional UCx Group Add-On features are applied per location (group) and provide additional functionality that may be critical for some businesses. Customers are welcome to purchase one or more of the Group Add-On features as desired.

Here is a detailed explanation of each add-on, with links to supporting documentation where available.

Account Codes: Track local and long distance calls by prompting users for an account code. This service does not validate the codes entered, so all codes are accepted and no calls are blocked.

Authorization Codes: Requires a verified code before completing any local or long distance calls. The customer administrator must set up valid codes in advance.

Alternate Number: A telephone number that is associated with, and automatically forwarded to, another bundle or group add-on. Alternate Numbers are most often used when a company wants to publish a local number in a geographic location where they have customers but no physical presence.

Auto Attendant: Serves as an automated receptionist that answers the phone. It provides a personalized message to callers with options for connecting to the operator, dialing by name or extension, or transferring the caller to up to twelve configurable extensions. There are two types of Auto Attendant available:

  • Auto Attendant – Basic: Single-level Auto Attendant.
  • Auto Attendant – Standard: Auto Attendant with a top-level menu and up to 150 sub-menus.

Call Accounting Reports:  capture and record data for inbound and outbound calls. The collected data usually includes calling party, destination party, date, time, and duration. This reporting can help you to determine employee productivity, market reach, and overall use of your communications services.

Call Park/Call Pickup: Enables a user to park a call on hold and later retrieve it from any station within the group.

Call Center Queue: Enables Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with queuing. Call Center Queues are available in three levels with increasing functionality:

Feature Basic Standard Premium
Max Queued Calls 25 50 525
Comfort Greeting
Entrance Announcement
Escape from Queue
Estimated Wait Time
Music on Hold
Overflow Routing Policy
Agent and Queue Reports
Agent Login/Logout & ACD State
Bounced Call Routing Policy
Escalate to Supervisor
PC Client Compatibility (Agent & Supervisor)
Unavailable Codes
Wrap-Up ACD State
Disposition Codes (via Call Center web client or Polycom phone)
Outbound Calling (on behalf of Queue)
Priority DNIS Queueing (DID Translation Service)
Silent Monitoring
“Whisper” Queue Announcements

Call Center Queues have no direct charge, but do require all agents to have either the UCx Agent Standard or the UCx Agent Premium bundle before they can be added to a queue and receive (or make) calls on behalf of the queue.

Call Reporting:  Maximum maximum visibility and control with a choice of over 400 sets of historic and real-time statistics, brought to life with easy-to-assimilate charts, dials and alarms.   Akixi partner service.

DID Translation Service: Adds an additional 10-digit DID to a Call Center Queue that may be prioritized for use as a “VIP” line or similar. Maximum of 64 DID Translation Service numbers per Call Center queue.

Direct Inward Dial Number: A 10-digit, US-based telephone number; required for all users and group services that need to be reachable from the PSTN. You may port an existing number or request a new number.

Hunt Group: “Hunts” through a group of pre-defined agents until an available agent is found. If no agents are available, calls may be configured to forward to another number, roll to voicemail, or receive a busy tone. Hunting policies include Regular, Circular, Simultaneous, and Uniform distributions.

Instant Group Call: When the Instant Group Call extension is dialed, the system will place an outbound call to up to 20 phone numbers or extensions, then add each recipient to a conference bridge as soon as they answer.

Meet-Me Conference Bridge: Dial-in audio conference bridge, integrated with UCx. By default, every UCx customer receives 1 Meet-Me Conferencing bridge with 50 ports (concurrent callers) at no charge. Meet-Me Conferencing usage is treated as standard UCx minutes, meaning all inbound calls (dial-in participants) and outbound calls to extensions or local numbers are included with no additional charge. Customers may increase their ports in blocks of 50 (up to a maximum of 200 ports per bridge) and/or add additional Meet-Me Conference bridges for an additional fee.

Music On Hold: Enables customer administrators to upload custom audio or video files to be played for callers on hold. For example, these files may contain music or advertising.

Real-Time Applications: A suite of real-time reporting and alerting tools designed to address your advanced reporting and notification needs. To use any of the Real-Time Application services, you must purchase the desired reporting package(s), the associated one-time configuration charge, and at least 1 user login. The Real-Time Applications include:

Toll Free: Inbound telephone number that is free to callers because all calls are billed to the company that receives the call. Toll Free numbers typically begin with an area code prefix of 800, 888, 877, 866, or similar.


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