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UCx User Profile and Features

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With our UCx user profiles (Voicemail Box only, Basic, Voice) a customer can subscribe to just the enterprise calling features available within our Unified Communications as a Service Offer. These UCx profile types do not come with a collaboration desktop client or the features that would enable chat, video meetings, mobility etc. The following article provides a detailed explanation of each calling feature available for these profile types and linked to support documentation where applicable.

Included Features Voicemail Box UCx Basic UCx Voice UCx Agent Standard UCx Agent Premium
3-Way Calling
Barge-in Exempt
Basic Call Logs
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Caller ID Delivery Blocking
Flash Call Hold
Intercept User
Last Call Return
Last Number Redial
Phone Status Monitoring
Alternate Numbers
Anonymous Call Rejection
Busy Lamp Field
Call Center Monitoring
Call Forward Always
Call Forward Busy
Call Forward No Answer
Call Forward Not Reachable
Call Forward Selective
Call Notify
Custom Ringback User
Directed Call Pick-up with Barge-In
Do Not Disturb
Hoteling Guest
Hoteling Host
Music on Hold (User)
N-Way Calling
Priority Alert
Remote Office
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection
Sequential Ring
Shared Call Appearance 5
Simultaneous Ring
Speed Dial 8
Speed Dial 100
Voicemail to Email
Join Premium Call Centers

Voicemail Box only

Dedicated voicemail box. Designed as a cost-effective way for callers to leave voice messages in a general mailbox that can later be checked by one or more people, or for companies to leave pre-recorded announcements for callers.

UCx Basic and above

3-Way Calling: Add one additional party to a call (maximum of 3 participants).

Barge-In Exempt: Prevent other users from joining a call already in progress, by using the Directed Call Pickup with Barge-In feature.

Basic Call Logs: View and dial from a list of stored numbers: missed, received, and dialed. Accessible from UCx for Desktop, UCx for Android, UCx for iPhone, and the UCx Web Portal.

Call Transfer: Redirect an active or held call to another number or directly to voicemail.

Call Waiting: Answer a new inbound call while already engaged in another call, automatically placing the first call on hold.

Caller IDDelivers information on the ringing call, including the caller’s name and phone number, so you can identify the caller before answering the phone.

Caller ID Delivery Blocking: Block delivery of your Caller ID information when placing an outbound call.

Flash Call Hold: Place an existing call on hold for an extended period of time and then resume the call when they are ready.

Intercept User: Enables your administrator to intercept all inbound and outbound calls made to or from a specific user. A custom announcement can be played to all inbound callers, including a new telephone number for those users to call. This feature is especially useful when an employee leaves a company.

Last Call Return: Return a call to the last party that called you, whether or not you answered the call.

Last Number Redial: Redial the last number you called.

Phone Status Monitoring: View the status (idle, busy, ringing) of other users within the company though a supported application: the Receptionist Client, Call Center Client or UCx with Webex.

Privacy: Allows users to remove themselves from the UCx Auto Attendant directories (Auto Attendant Extension Dialing, Auto Attendant Name Dialing) and Phone Status Monitoring by other users. Users can make exceptions to Phone Status privacy for specific users, such as an Executive who wishes to keep their phone’s status private from all users except their Executive Assistant.

UCx Voice and above

Alternate Numbers: Associates up to 10 additional phone numbers with a given user or group service. All inbound calls to the Alternate Numbers will automatically be routed to the associated user or group service. Alternate Numbers do not support any outbound calls, although the associated user or group service can place outbound calls with their main number as normal.

Anonymous Call Rejection: Reject calls from anonymous parties who have explicitly restricted their caller ID. Anonymous callers will hear an intercept message telling them that you are not accepting calls at that time. Your phone does not ring, and you do not receive any notification of the attempted call.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF): See the call state (idle, ringing, busy, DND) of a monitored user or users, provides 1-button dialing of the monitored user or users, and allows the user to intercept or screen incoming calls to the monitored user or users.

Call Center Monitoring: Enables a user to be designated as a Call Center Supervisor and monitor Call Center Agents and Call Center Queues.

Call Forward Always: Redirects all incoming calls to a specified phone number.

Call Forward Busy: Redirects incoming calls to a specified phone number when your line is busy or set to Do Not Disturb.

Call Forward No Answer: Redirects incoming calls to a specified phone number when you do not answer your phone within a specified number of rings.

Call Forward Not Reachable: Redirects incoming calls to a specified phone number when your phone is not registered, such as during a power outage or if the phone gets unplugged.

Call Forward Selective: Redirects incoming calls to a specified number when the inbound call meets pre-defined criteria, such as the time of day or a specific phone number.

Call Notify: Receive an email notification with Caller ID and time/date information whenever an inbound call meets pre-defined criteria, such as the time of day or a specific phone number.

Custom Ringback User: Upload a WAV file to be played instead of the standard ringtone whenever an inbound call meets pre-defined criteria, such as the time of day or a specific phone number.

Directed Call Pick-up with Barge-in: Join (barge-in on) a call already in progress by a user in your Call Pick-up Group, by dialing a Feature Access Code followed by the extension of the desired user’s phone. This action will fail if the desired user has the Barge-in Exempt feature set to On.

Do Not Disturb: Automatically directs incoming calls to voicemail or gives a busy signal. If you have configured the Call Forwarding Busy feature, calls will be forwarded to the specified number.

Hoteling Guest: Log-in and temporarily take over a phone with Hoteling Host enabled.

Hoteling Host: Other users can temporarily take over your phone as a guest user.

Music on Hold (User): Upload and apply your own custom Music on Hold files. These settings override your group’s Music on Hold settings, but only for calls you place and receive.

N-way Calling: Add up to 14 additional parties to a call (for a maximum of 15 participants, including you).

Priority Alert: Incoming calls that meet pre-defined criteria, such as a specific phone number, play an alternate ringtone.

Push-to-Talk: Enables phone-to-phone intercom service across your company.

Remote Office: When active, all inbound calls and Call from Phone requests from the UCx for Desktop client will ring to a specified non-UCx phone instead of your desk phone. Additionally, you can place phone calls from the Remote Office phone and have them billed to your business.

Selective Call Acceptance: Automatically blocks all calls except for those that meet pre-defined criteria, such as the time of day or a specific phone number.

Selective Call Rejection: Automatically blocks specific calls that meet pre-defined criteria, such as the time of day or a specific phone number.

Sequential Ring: Incoming calls ring to a pre-defined list of phone numbers that are alerted in order (sequentially).

Shared Call Appearance 5: Shares a single user account across multiple endpoints (up to 5 devices per user). All endpoints show line state (idle, ringing, busy) and ring on inbound calls, connecting only with the first phone to answer the call. You have a unique Shared Call Appearance for each desk phone, UCx desktop client, and UCx mobile client you use.

Simultaneous Ring: Specify a set of phone numbers to ring in addition to your primary phone when you receive a call.

Speed Dial 8: Enter frequently dialed numbers for one-digit speed dial access. You can program up to 8 numbers on digits 2-9.

Speed Dial 100: Enter frequently dialed numbers for two-digit speed dial access. You can program up to 100 numbers, excluding those reserved for Feature Access Codes.

Voice Portal CallingAllows you to place calls on behalf of your business line from any other phone, by dialing in to your voicemail portal and entering the phone number you wish to call.

Voicemail: A dedicated voicemail box, protected by a user-selected 4 to 8 digit PIN. 300 minutes of storage are available with each voicemail box. Voicemails may be initially stored for 30 days, after which the system will prompt you to delete or re-save the message. Messages may be kept for a maximum of 90 days. A caller will receive a “this mailbox is full” message once the 300 minute limit is reached. The maximum length of a single message is 5 minutes.

Voicemail to Email: Sends an email, with a WAV file of the voicemail attached, whenever you receive a new voicemail message.

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